⚡️ 5 Lessons, 5 Problems and 5 Solutions

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Happy Q2! Happy New Year! Happy Spring! Happy first Monday of the month!

You know those corny ass people who can make a holiday out of anything? It's meeee.

Sidenote - so many of you have mentioned joining me in force-feeding yourself breakfast before coffee and how well it's going for you! You're iconic and your bawdy loves you.

5 Lessons

Here are 5 lessons that I've learned this past month.

Access is a privilege. The older I get and the clearer I am about how I want to spend my time (and who I want to spend my time with), the more expensive it is to access me - and I don't necessarily mean that in the monetary sense. I'm a firm believer that the greatest relationships are transactional. You mae be paying in compassion, quality time, guidance or laughter...either way you're paying me with something. 🤑

A forever lesson/reminder - yesterday's price is not today's price. 💰

If content is king and context is queen, consistency is the empress? My most resounding lesson of the past month (and my entire Black life) is that consistency is the key to success. If you work toward something everyday, it's nearly impossible that you won't improve. My focus for April and beyond is to apply that lesson to every area of my life. 📝

"Sometimes he takes away a raindrop and gives you the sea." That's it. That's the tweet. 🌊

The key to me living my best life right now in the States is living life in pure delusion - 10/10. Highly recommended. There's a TikTok about hyperinflation? Didn't see it. A tweet about another school shooting? Scrolled right by it. As far as I'm concerned, the pothole-riddled roads are paved in gold and every child in the US gets a free breakfast. 🍳

Be back tomorrow with 5 solutions! Until then...

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