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5 Problems

Here are 5 problems that I'm actively solving.

I'm a firm believer that if you want it, you got it. The mantra of my 30s is "work less, earn more" and even if I have to put in heavy hours now as the foundation, 40-hour weeks will never be the move for me. TBA in December how I solve this problem. I got this. 💼

A key to working less and earning more is knowing where my time goes. Time tracking is the practice of documenting what you do with your time from when you wake up to when you knock out at night. Every time I do it, it's wild (and sometimes cringey-worthy) to see where my time goes (read: how much time I spend on socials). While I'm not going to track every minute of the day, I am going to track all of my work in Bonsai for a few weeks so I can clean shit up. ⏰

Also key to my mission - I need help. There's no way I'm going to be able to accomplish my business goals if it's just me so I'm starting with an operations associate. If you have anyone in mind who is a beast at handling a diverse set of tasks and is down to work remotely 3ish hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, please send them my way. Note: if they're not passionate about efficient systems and color coordination, they're probably not for me. 🎨

Quite of few you humans hit me up about ChatGPT after 5 solutions. I've included some tips for prompts at the end of this email. ⌨️

And lastly, in order to scale the way I want to, I have to fall back from entrepreneurship coaching. 😥 I'm opening up one more spot to get you onboarded in April and ready to rock in May. With my guidance, you'll spend May, June, and July building + launching your online business, and finally take control of your time, finances, and future. 👥

April showers bring Mae flowers! I'll be back next month via SubStack with 5 lessons, 5 problems and 5 solutions! Until then...

  • Tell ChatGPT who you need them to be. If I wanted a meal plan, I'd start with something like "you're a world-renowned plant-based nutritionist. Please give me a 5-day meal plan heavy in protein with minimal legumes and dairy. Get specific.
  • Sometimes ChatGPT will give you a wild response that has nothing to do with what you're talking about. Simply ask it to rewrite the response. e.g. "Rewrite this meal plan to include 3 meals and 2 snacks per day."
  • This refers to the first bullet, but I can't stress enough that you have to specifically tell it who it is. I had it review my lease and my prompt was "You are a lawyer specializing in renter rights. With [state name] laws and tenant protection in mind, please create a bulleted summary of each article and outline any red flags that I should address as the tenant.

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