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5 Solutions

Here are 5 game-changing solutions:

Yesterday I completed my favorite quarterly tradition - I wrote a letter to Future Me. I actually wrote two: one for my birthday and one for New Year's Day 2024. Hearing from Past You is the best, I highly recommend it. 💌

My favorite solution as a late, BY FAR, is ChatGPT. In the past month ChatGPT and I have revamped my website, designed a freebie and launched new offers for a niche client that we brainstormed. It's created meal plans for me, helped me identify my strengths/weaknesses and even reviewed a few contracts for me. ⌨️

It's a season of showing up for my desires. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm on a mission to remain consistent and dilligent. I'm using this 100-day goal journal to prioritize and stay focused. 🎯

The greatest thing to happen to my productivity this year cost me about $40. I've been using a whiteboard about this size to categorize my priorities for the week. The 3 categories are: income-generating, client work and clarity. If you're feeling scattered and need help staying on track, give it a try! 📝

Lastly, as I hinted toward, ChatGPT and I have been making some maejor moves in regards to my business development. After years of B2C (business-to-customer), ya girl is moving on to B2B (business-to-business) because helping businesses get their shit together is what makes me tingly inside.

What does that mean for us?

The party will continue - just on another platform. f you'd rather not come with me over to Substack, no hard feelings. Just unsubscribe using the link below.

And if you're here to stay, tomorrow I'll be back with 5 problems that I'm actively solving. Until then...

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