📨 Friday Report - 7.14.23

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Long time no chat, guys! I’ve missed yooouuu! Like…so much.

Can I keep it real with you?

I’m burnt outttt and I have been for a while. I’m so proud of myself for learning how to self soothe (sans substances) in the midst of chaos, but it’s just not sustainable. And I’m in the midst of the most profitable year of my LIFE and it really hasn’t been that hard yet I’m tiredddd.

If I can keep it real with you again, I’ve come to a stark realization. I'm just not inspired anymore. Although I wake up HYPE to start my day, everything always comes back to work or getting more clients.

Last week was the one year anniversary of my little brother Dexter leaving this planet that we call earth and more than ever I’ve realized, I just don’t got it.

And not in a negative way - in the greatest way! I don’t have the hustle for this lifestyle anymore and I don’t have the grit. I just wanna chilllll. I wanna thrive with ease. I wanna live life offline.

I just wanna live and love - for myself and for Dex.

I wanna post to my IG feed, not concerned about making a sale. I wanna speak my mind without the fear of losing a customer. I wanna just show up to work without having to be in charge of every. single. thing. I wanna create helpful, educational content without the pressure of making a new sale or getting a client.

And so, I’m leaving behind this chapter of entrepreneurship (for now).

  • I could tell you it’s the stress of living in the States.
  • I could tell you it’s because I don’t know not one entrepreneur living in the US who isn’t a part of a two-income household.
  • I could tell you the grief has maed things harder than they were.

But honestly, I’m just over it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m ready for something new. I’m ready to challenge myself in new ways. I’m ready to make things easier for myself while also choosing a new "hard".

Idk what’s to come, but obviously it will be fire because #duh. If you didn’t know me before I was this Maegan, please know, I was known for finding the greatest jobs and this time will be no different.

Above all, I wanna apply my talents to something GREAT. Something grandiose! And that’s not to say that helping my community excel isn’t life-changing, but there’s something, somewhere that needs me. I feel it.

You know how they say “think back to what you wanted as a kid”? All I remember wanting to do was to help. I wanted to join the Peace Corps and save the world. When I was 12, I would walk myself to the library to teach ESL to toddlers as a volunteer. I worked for non-profits before I even knew what they were. I was 16 years old advocating for my peers in private meetings with the mayor of Providence.

I really miss that side of me and I’m ready to let her come back, better than ever with a whole new skillset and sharp business acumen.

And so, Q3 will be a chapter of wrapping up this journey. I have a few final offers to end this shit with a bang because what the fuck are we here forrrr?! Those are to follow below.

Also, for the remainder of Q3, I’m committed to the Friday Report. Maybe I’ll inspire you to shake shit up, create change and do whatever’s necessary to make things easy for Future You. They deserve it.

Most importantly, I hope I can inspire you to always keep 'em guessing and to let your next move be your best move.

Thank you sooo much for being a part of this journey. The past 3 years have been some of the most pivotal and magical of my young Black life - that’s all because of you! From group coaching, to one-on-ones to the greatest workshops to ever do it to tipsy Friday Reports, you’ll definitely be in my maemoirs one day.

Before we get to my final offers…

💻 Let’s dive in!

💁🏾‍♀️ What’s up with me?

  • I secured my first paid speaking gig! This September, a maejor Black travel brand, one of the OGs of the game, is flying me out to their annual festival to speak about profitable retreats and the business of travel. Once I sign something, I'll let you know which brand it is! I'm so excited!
  • I GET TO SEE DRAKE AT MSG IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS with my number one hater and I don't even have the words for how I feel.
  • I hosted my quarterly planning workshop on the 1st and it was a productive, community vibe per usual. If you need a kick in the butt or some guidance as you map out your goals for the remainder of 2023, it'll be up for sale until Monday.
  • I got to spend time with my fam, my siblings, and their kids this past weekend as we celebrated Dex and my heart really needed it. Thank you to the homies who sent me money for maezcal and snacks — money always makes me feel better. 🤑
  • Last week I completed a 5-day parasite cleanse under the full moon and I haven't felt this good in a minute.

🛍️ Buy of the Week

Apparently, Amazon Prime Day is no longer a day but a full week? Idk. If you're in a shopping mood, I compiled a long list of all my favorite things.

Shop Mae's Faves

💼 Self Maed - here are some goodies for the baddie-preneurs.

  • Customizing email templates in ConvertKit can be mucho annoying when you aren't proficient in HTML so let the tech-challenged rejoice! ConvertKit has just dropped an email template marketplace and the options are looking cute.
  • Lame AF. Starting in January, Stripe is going to charge extra for invoicing clients. Idk why, but when that does happen, I recommend just creating a product to collect your client's payment instead of an invoice.

That’s it for me! What a ride? What a life? A lot of the time, I really don't know what's going on, I just know that I'm so so happy that I get to be me. There's nothing else I'd rather be.

I bid you adieu so I can go lay naked with a joint and watch Insecure from the beginning because it just dropped on Netflix!

I leave you with this: Is there something you’ve been wanting to do start or pursue but you’ve been holding back because you don’t think you can/will maintain it?

If you wanna share your response, you know I'm here for it. Until next week...


  • I have 3 last 1-on-1 coaching spots. These programs are 12 sessions long and custom-maed for your needs with a focus on either business (strategy, offer development, etc.) or performance (lifestyle management, sustainable habits, etc.). If you'd like to learn more, schedule some time for us to chat.
  • In the past 3 weeks, I've met with 4 different people to help them setup their new podcasts and I kept hearing the same questions soooo - my final course is: The Podcast Blueprint: Launch in Just 7 Days, Embrace Your Voice, Amplify Your Impact! We get started Monday, July 31st.
  • You have two consultations to choose from - one for aspiring business owners and one for the OGs. I think I'll continue to offer these, but I can't make any promises on Future Mae's behalf.
  • And lastly - I'm so so excited for this one, it's something I've been dreaming of for a minute and I gotta end this shit with some fire! This one is for all of the aspiring creators out there. The ones who can't stop thinking about the content that they want to create. The ones who just can't figure out how their faves can push out so much content. The ones who feel stuck in their shell and so desperately want to hop on the stage that's waiting for them. I've been there - this one is for you! Get ready - I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Any last requests? You know I aim to please!

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