📨 Friday Report - 7.28.23

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Feliz viernes!

What’s gooood? Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending me job listings and making recommendations on which direction to head in as I enter this new world of employment.

I’m so grateful to you all for the recommendations because although I have an idea of what I want to do next, I’m not entirely sure because I’ve been out the game for so long. Did I mention I haven’t been on someone’s payroll since 2020? I’m so excited for a consistent paycheck, I could tingle with tears!

At the same time thoooo, I really don’t want to work lol and I realized yesterday that I don’t want to work because I haven’t had a break in a minute! When I was living in Mexico and Colombia, I intentionally took a month or two off to recalibrate and just have fun.

But in AMERICA? Lol. Idk what I’m gonna do about it, but I’m going to get a break ASAP. My last one was January of last year so duhhhh - that’s why I’m burnt out.

If you’re reading this like “Maegan, no one gets 1-month breaks every year!” I’m sorry to tell you buddy — most people get 4+ weeks of vacation per year. You don’t because you live in the US. 🙃

Before you start looking at European visa requirements…

💻 Let’s dive in!

💁🏾‍♀️ What’s up with me?

There is nothing else to put in this section other than that my number one frenemy, Dayo, and I went to see Drake at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. It was his SEVENTH and final show in New York and…like…I’m just riding the high. My last maejor concert was Drake at Barclay’s (in Brooklyn) in 2018 — five whole years ago!

I grew up going to concerts like it was my religion. Shoutout to my mom, the greatest to ever do it, who started taking me young! I think I got to see Brandy, Boyz II Men, TLC and Destiny’s Child before I even hit middle school.

A big reason why I was excited to move back to the States was to be able to go to concerts again and LOL now a ticket is the same as rent. #jokes

🛍️ Buy of the Week

Moleskine Cahier Soft-Cover Journals are bae! I used to use this size and it was cool, but now I’m using this size and I’m obsessed. I have one for my yoga teacher training notes (did I mention I’m getting certified?!) and one as a journal. Something about the texture encourages me to use them without worrying about “messing them up”.

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📝 Lesson of the Week

That I need a month-long break That most of my disappointments are a result of expectations. We’ve all heard “expectations are the thief of joy”, but it never really hit until now. I’m doing my best to create a practice of fluidity and hope instead of expecting.


  • I’m speaking at NOMADNESS Fest Saturday, September 30th in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ll be diving into the business of travel and how to design profitable retreats — my fave! You can get 25% off your ticket with the code NEWSLETTER.
  • Speaking of retreats, I have a fun collab coming for you. #staytuned 😈

That’s it for meeee! Thank you so so much for your kind words. It gets me so tingly that so many humans enjoy hearing from me and find value in content that I create with this big ol’ brain. If you’re a creator, then you know there are few things as rewarding as bringing an idea to life and then to have that creation be well received?! There’s nothing like it.

So thank you for your love and for so openly sharing it with me. I’ll never take it for granted.

Fingers crossed, I get to play in the streets this week. I don’t expect to, but I’m hoping haha. I’ll be back next Friday to tell you about it.

Until then…

Stay creative,

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