📨 Friday Report - 8.25.23

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Mi genteeee!

I’ve missed you. This is my first Friday home since we last spoke and I’m so happy to be here. First it was chunky babies in Houston and a wedding in Dallas and then it was a surprise party in DC for one of my besties that I've been co-planning for months. What a life?

The theme of my week, by far, has been coaching so I’ve been keeping track of some key takeaways on behalf of my clients so that I can share them with you. Let’s get it!

  • If you peeped my IG stories today, you know that I was speaking on the power of brevity, particularly in regards to emails. I know how much you want to appear warm and amiable, but no one cares. On behalf of those who us who hate email, keep it brief and leverage bullet points and bold text. Here’s help on that if you need it.
  • You don’t have to wait for “proof” to decide who you are. You can decide that you’re an artist before completing your first painting. You can be a consultant before securing your first client. Decide who you are and claim that shit.
  • You can’t shame your way to betterment. If you don’t fuck with you now, you’re not gonna fuck with you later. Learn to love all aspects of you, not just the “good” pieces and independent of your accomplishments, if you’re serious about realizing all of your dreams.
  • Opt for start dates instead of deadlines. Life is stressful enough and for me, deadlines just add to that. I much prefer start dates. It feels more sustainable for me to get myself excited to start a task than it does to count down to that task’s due date.

I LOVE to hear from you so please let me know if these techniques/mindset shifts work for you. Mae be choose one to incorporate into your life this week and then report back?

Until then…

💻 Let’s dive in!

💁🏾‍♀️ What’s up with me?

  • RIP @maedinamerica — it’s been such a great ride. I’ve been waiting to rebrand as Mindful Maeven for months and it’s here! After going to a wedding with a lot of people I’ve known since high school, I woke up ready to let certain pieces of me go so it’s definitely the right time for a rebrand. And it fits more because I don’t do what I do for me, I do it for the mindful maevens.
  • Pride has been top of mind for me and not the icky kind. I have a habit of being so focused on the next thing that I forget to acknowledge what I’ve accomplished. I’ve been focused on hyping myself up on the daily — even more than usual. 😉
  • I’ve been doing my best to continue applying to jobs. I’m 97% sure that a full time gig is out of the question considering the lifestyle I’ve designed for myself. In my ideal world, I’d be a CEO’s right-hand woman and ensure that everything is moving behind the scenes. If you know a busy CEO who runs a lucrative business and needs help focusing on what they’re good at, please connect us! I’ll give you a finder’s fee.
  • These past two weekends, I’ve realized that I rub certain people the wrong way and as unfortunate as it is, I genuinely don’t care anymore. I used to beat myself up about it and get really sad, wondering what I did for people to fall back, especially women who hardly know me. Now? If you don’t communicate that there’s a problem, then there’s no problem. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • My sister and I are treating my niece and nephew to a trip to Belize for my niece’s 18th birthday and I’m so fucking hype that I get to show up for them as the auntie of my dreams.
  • Before I dive into whatever employment venture is waiting for me, I very firmly want to welcome a new coaching client or two. More on that below.

🛍️ Buy of the Week

At the top of the year, I banned myself from personal development because it’s a season of implementing all that I’ve learned.

But then, I accidentally maed it halfway through The Big Leap and realized that the self help gods got me! I’m so happy they did because it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Two clients have read it now and loved as much as I did. If you’re feeling stuck, crippled by fear, or unsure of your talents, please give it a chance. It’s a quick and easy ready and it really helped me shift my perspective on what I’m capable of in a really short amount of time.

Honorable mention: I just reupped on my favorite pen yesterday and I need you to experience them.

Check out previous Buys of the Week.


  • LADIESSS! We’re going back to Maedellin! This past January it was the Selfish Retreat and this January, it’s #AbundatAF: The Ultimate Glow Up Getaway — a glow up retreat! This time I’m cohosting with Bami Kuteyi, one of my business besties and loves of my life. Think of this retreat as a mix of personal development and fun in the streets. Here’s what’s included and early bird discounts.
  • In order to accommodate my travel schedule for Q4, it’s last call for 1-on-1 coaching until 2024. There are 3 “tracks” to choose from: business development, personal development, or performance (e.g. habits, goals, lifestyle design, etc.). Reply to this email letting me know which you’re interested in and we’ll have a free call to see if we’re right for one another.
  • As always, I love a quick win! If you’re in need of business strategy and guidance, get at me.

That’s it for me! Shoutout to Adrienne and Bami for knocking out consecutive Power Hours with me on a Friday night. I’m off to blast Jaguar II and ride through the streets of Providence with one of my besties.

I hope you experience a weekend full of love, high vibes, and laughs. I get to see my mommy tomorrow and I’m already so excited to smile.

You’re iconic! I’ll be in PVD for a few weeks so you’ll hear from me next Friday. Until then…

Stay proud,

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