In just 7 days you'll launch a newsletter rooted in authenticity, community engagement and substance!

Create an engaging newsletter that fosters community, delivers valuable education, and showcases your unique aesthetic. In this comprehensive course, you'll receive daily instructions and actionable insights on how to create and build your newsletter from the ground up.

We'll cover:

  • how to build your newsletter,
  • how to diversify your content,
  • how to curate an aesthetic, and
  • how to create content rooted in education for peak engagement

If you complete each assignment, you'll finish the 7-day course by launching your newsletter!

Since officially launching my email list in July 2020, I’ve been able to double my subscriber count while increasing engagement and building community.

I’ve succeeded by creating value through my newsletters and strategically automating my backend while teaching my clients how to do the same.

Now it's your turn - your people want to hear from you! Step out of your comfort zone, that's where the magic lives. 😏